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Yes, I have moved, largely due to the trouble people had accessing geocities and my site there. But never fear, because hopefully here I can build up a noteworthy page about many things (yes, mostly myself) - but also about school and all those dear memories we had. This, inevitably, includes photos. So all those who were captured on my camera at some stage in the 6 years of schooling at Baulko (and come on, it wasn't very hard), expect to see your face here! Or other body parts! Yes, we were a funny lot.

Soon I will have formal photos and schoolies photos up for all to view. If you have anything for me to scan or mention, or you just want to write me an email, go ahead. My address is rachelwings@yahoo.com.au or, alternatively, send me a message via mobile on 0421 973 593. In the meantime, enjoy your time away from education, don't work too hard, because money is just money after all. And even though money buys things, yes, useful things like food and stuff, remember this quote (Emma once wrote it in my diary): "Who, when loved, is poor?" (the answer of course is no one). If you remain unmoved by this, go spend your hard-earned money (or your parents' hard-earned money) on material comforts and rot in hell. Or enjoy your Christmas presents!

Formal photos from Sean's camera
Formal photos from my camera
Schoolies photos (minimal)
rachel*wings@geocities, my old site

Goodbye, friends!